David Warren


David Warren grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Coming from a family full of real estate professionals, Mr. Warren started his real estate career at a young age, with the focus on brokering off market commercial real estate in New York City. Beginning from age 19, Mr. Warren has a multi-decade experience in investing, underwriting, consulting and brokering Real Estate in New York. Additionally Mr. Warren brokered debt and equity for several years as well. This unique combination of skill sets makes him an innovative real estate professional.

Yechiel Dinowitz

Vice President

As executive Vice President Mr Dinowitz specializes in NYC Office, Retail, Multifamily and hotels North of $50,000,000. His persistence and work ethic is unmatched. Currently Mr. Dinowitz overseas over $7,500,000,000 of available opportunities in NYC. His database of investors along with his true off market listings provides the ultimate opportunities assistance and for all his clients.

Amet Liranzo

Sales Associate

With a passion for service in New York City, Amet Liranzo is always ready to assist all his clients with their acquisitions and dispositions. Involved with the fitness industry Amet has always shown highest level of priority and integrity with each an every client he is involved with. As a proud member of the Vision Realty Advisor family, Amet Liranzo has built a solid foundation in the Real Estate community through his professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always put his client’s needs first.

Josh Agosto

Senior Vice President

Joshua previously worked at Halstead and Epic focusing strictly in Brokering Commercial sales. He has consistently been recognized as one of the premier real estate advisors to both private and institutional clients. Mr. Agosto’s primary focus is on the sale of office, retail and development properties in NYC. His experience and ability to source deals provides his clients with the Vision and service they need when making any commercial transactions. Josh is Fluent in English and Spanish.

Nicholas Horsburgh

Vice President/Senior Portfolio Advisor

Nicholas Horsburgh has spent over a decade in the New York City Real Estate Industry and has excelled Nationally as well. He joins Vision as vice president and senior portfolio advisors. He brings a rare blend of Commercial, Residential, Investment, and Development expertise. By employing unique and esoteric market and data analysis, Nicholas identifies latent, high-return opportunities for his clients on the buy and sell side. This meticulous, thoughtful and fine-tuned approach imbues all aspects of his investment and asset management strategies. In 2016, he founded Weld Capital Partners, and as Managing Principal, successfully runs the group’s small NYC portfolio at a steady 6%+ CAP rate. Nicholas has received many awards throughout his career, has transacted in the hundreds of millions and has held multiple executive level positions. He resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and spends time in Southampton, Long Island. He’s an avid Yankee fan, skier, and collector of rare books.

Volkan Halilov

Sales Agent

Volkan Halilov grew up in Staten Island, New York where he was born and raised. Coming from an Island that is mostly residential, Mr. Halilov started his real estate career with helping investors find off market residential deals, with the focus on off market residential real estate made him transition into Commercial Real Estate & Development. Once he learned how to develop and analyze commercial deals, he is now a real estate advisor to both private and institutional clients. His Vision helps service any needs when making any commercial transactions for our clients.

Mohammed Ramadan

Sales Associate

Mohammed began his Real Estate career focusing on income producing property in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The combination of work ethic and transparency had enabled Mr. Ramadan to secure multiple exclusives during his 2nd month since joining Vision Realty Advisors. His integrity is and hands on approach leads to very smooth and successful transactions and exceptional relationships with his clients. Mohammed speaks fluent English and Arabic.